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We use knowledge ...

... expertise and common sense 


Zen Solutions have the technological experience, industry know how and creative ability to create a fantastic new website presence for your business.  We are not a graphic design agency that does websites as an added extra – we are specialists in our field with extensive experience in the IT industry, focussed on small, local businesses.




Just needing a basic website at a low cost for a small business, community group or project?  No problem!  That is where our template designs come in for the design but it's backed up by the technological know-how that makes your website be found.


Alternatively if you would prefer to start from scratch, we contract expert graphic artists to create your new on-line identity.  We match their style and budget to each project – coupled with a professional designed structure to the latest technological standards, we will produce a modern, stylish and effective website to meet your needs.


We charge an hourly rate and will give you an estimate of how long we think your project will take based on the information you give us.  We will only charge for the time it takes and our rates are very fair and reasonable.


​If you are looking for a more complex website involving eCommerce, booking systems, or database management, we do these too and happy to prepare a no-obligation free quote.



Does your business depend on a complex database system such as MS-Access, SQL-Server or MySQL? Does it integrate properly with your website or other business systems? Administering a database system so it runs efficiently or making changes to how it works requires specialist expertise which small businesses often don't have. We do!

Many business information systems present obstacles rather than solutions, especially as business needs change over time. We can modify or create custom software to let you better manage or analyse business data, or for any other function you need.

What do you do when technology stops working properly, is no longer fit for purpose or you have to make decisions in an area you don't understand? We are here to provide that help, as painlessly as possible.


Our philosophy is simple - we'll talk plain English, and we won't rip you off. So, whether you need technical assistance, training or just some advice, don't be afraid to talk to us.


no lemons here

​It is all very well having a pretty website, but if it hasn’t been professionally constructed, chances are that when Google is searching, it will run right past your front door without even knocking to see if you’re in.  We will ensure your website has the correct structure that makes it work!

We are happy to give you advice on on-line marketing, whether it be advertising on other websites, email campaigns or cutting through the maze of PPC, Google AdWords and banner advertising.  In our own business we have had contract work and referrals to keep us busy.  However we understand social media is key to many businesses and are happy to give you advice on how to get started.

Do you know who visits your site, or how they found you? What searches will rank your website highly on Google or Yahoo, and how can performance be improved? We can help you attract potential clients to your site, and provide analysis of your traffic.

It is important that your on-line presence remains current.  Spend more time doing what you love and less time on the technical stuff with the Zen Solutions user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) which lets you easily update your own website with current, up-to-date content.  Alternatively we can update for you at a reasonable hourly rate.

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