This section of the website provides useful information to our clients, designers and developers.

Our Terms & Conditions

You can download or view our Terms and Conditions document as a PDF file.

Photographic work may also be subject to the AIPA Standard Terms and Conditions.

Technical information

If you're a web developer, or just interested in how the net works, we also have a small but growing range of technical articles and white papers - check them out.

Web-safe Typefaces

How text displays in a visitor's web browser depends entirely on which fonts the visitor has installed on his/her computer, so clients and designers need to consider this when planning a website.

This page summarises these common typefaces which you can use safely on web pages.

N.B. This page is now seriously out-of-date! I'm leaving it available as it has a useful list of the standard set of Web Fonts, but otherwise modern downloadable typefaces have radically changed the landscape for web typography from that described in the article. I'll update this page properly as soon as I get a chance!